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With the end goal of these terms and conditions wherever the context mention as "You" or "User" might mean the individual who has consented to end up noticeably the purchase on the website while enlisting on the site. We enable our clients to surf the website or to purchase any product without enrolling to our website.

The terms contained in the Agreement should be acknowledged without modification. The use of the services would constitute acknowledgment of the terms of the Agreement. It is exclusively user's obligation to peruse these rules and tail them. Any infringement of the rules may prompt inconveniences.

Registration Eligibility:

By registering, visiting or utilizing the services of SwagStreet India, you hereby represent a confirmation to SwagStreet that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you have the right to utilize the services and consent to abide by the agreement. 

In the event that you are a minor i.e. less than 18 years old, then according to the laws, you cannot enroll to the website and ought not to transact or make any use of the services. In case you wish to do, then, overall, your legitimate guardian can make the transaction on your behalf.

Deactivation of Account / Cancellation of Membership:

In the event that you are associated with our site, you are dependable to keep up the classification with us. On the off chance that you share any personal or non-personal data with us that is observed to be false then we have full right to deactivate your account or to cancel your membership with SwagStreet India.

Dais for Communication:

In the event that by one means or another we cannot get your call, you are allowed to get in touch with us through email at info@swagstreet.in. You can drop your inquiries and we will soon reach you by means of other modes of correspondence. 

SwagStreet India is not the arbitrator to determine any issue between the purchasers and merchants. Registration of the purchaser is free on the website. We do not charge any cost for purchasing or perusing the site.

In the event that in future, any modifications were made in the terms and conditions strategy of our association, we will take off enhancements on this page so that our clients can get aware of it in each perspective.